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Sacred Listening

Music and Spirituality

Music and Spirituality
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Where do we hear the voice of God? Many people find a connection to God through music. But they sometimes disagree about the best kind of music on which to receive God’s broadcasts. What kind of music is spiritually most appropriate?

What is the function of sacred music? If you believe that sacred music is a vehicle to enhance the spoken word, you may hold that it is a form of preaching. Others say that "music expresses the inexpressible," and consider it a way to express ourselves; for others, it is a way to express God, through the "beauty of holiness." Sacred music functions on many levels of awareness: the intellectual and the emotional, and also in ways for which there are no words, to parts of our soul beyond the reach of our conscious mind.

Sacred music, furthermore, sounds different from popular music, and even from concert music, because it has an entirely different function. It’s not primarily intended as entertainment; sacred music is a form of prayer, and just as the language of prayer is different from the language of entertainment, sacred music is different from pop music, or concert music. In every religion, it is known that sacred music opens a door, enabling us to touch the central depth of our humanness, and to know the presence of the Holy.

This community is for those who are interested in the interrelationship of music and spirituality. The focus is on sacred music and classic spirituality. Discussion could include music and thoughts of composers like John Tavener and Arvo Pärt, hymns, chant and liturgical music, as well as newer ways of blending music and prayer.